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1 Little Allercleugh,
Bishop Auckland,
Co. Durham,
DL13 1PU.

Phone Number :: 01388 537755
Fax Number :: 01388 537733

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Lectures on US Market: Regulatory and Legal Considerations and on How Reinsurance is arranged for CII College of Insurance “US Non-Marine Reinsurance” course - various dates 1991 to 1994

Lectures on Reinsurance Claims Management and on Claims Reserving and IBNR for Dyp/Lloyd’s of London Press “Reinsurance Practice” and “Advanced Reinsurance Practice” courses - various dates 1995-2000

"Lost, Stolen or Strayed - Clauses which have been left out" for Hawksmere seminar “Practical Tips for Drafting Reinsurance Wordings”, 19 Sept 1996

"ADR and Reinsurance Disputes - A More Cost Effective Approach" address to LIRMA Forum, 26 April 1994

"Reinsurance with Reassurance - Possible future developments in ADR" for Insurance Institute of Isle of Man CPD Conference, 10 Nov 1995

"Lost, Stolen or Strayed - Clauses which have been left out" for Hawksmere Seminar “Practical Tips for Drafting Reinsurance Wordings”, 25 Sept 1997

"The Role of the Expert in Insurance and Reinsurance Coverage Dispute” for “The Lawyer” Conference “The Witness Programme”, 30 Sept 1997

"Reinsurance allowance in reserving" for Hawksmere conference "Claims Estimating & Reserving",30 November 1999, 15 November 2000, 27th November 2001, 26th November 2002 and 18th November 2003.

"Thinking it through: what clauses do you need?" for Hawksmere conference "Drafting & interpreting reinsurance wordings", 24 October 2001, 31st October 2002 and 27th November 2003.

"Expert Witnesses - Accreditation or Regulation? The Academy View": Address to Conference of The Academy of Experts, as Chairman, June 2004

Lectures on Alternative Dispute Resolution for Council for Legal Education, Gray’s Inn (on behalf of The Academy of Experts), various dates 1993-1996

"ADR -The Reality" at the Expert Witness Event, London Barbican, 29 Nov 1995

"ADR - Will it Really Happen?" at The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Northumbria Branch, 22 March 1996

"Alternative Dispute Resolution" at RICS, W. Sussex Branch and Law Society, Chichester Branch, 21 March 1996

"ADR for The Expert - a Wealth of New Opportunities" at The Academy of Experts Conference, 28 Oct 1996

"Alternative Dispute Resolution - Opportunities for Accountants" for Chartergroup Partnership, 6 Nov 1996

"Alternative Dispute Resolution" for Hawksmere seminar “Insurance Litigation & Dispute Resolution”, 24 March 1997

"Alternative Dispute Resolution" - for Hawksmere seminar “Handling Personal Injury Claims”, 3rd June 1997

"A Lot of Hot Air? - Recent developments in dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution in the Insurance Industry" for Northumbria Branch, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, December 1998

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