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Co. Durham,
DL13 1PU.

Phone Number :: 01388 537755
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Alternative Dispute Resolution :
Atkins Court Forms Title 6(2), Butterworths (1998 and second edition 2003.)

Expert Evidence in Insurance & Reinsurance Cases :
Chapter 7 in The Expert in Litigation and Arbitration, ed Mark Cato, LLP Limited (1999)

Resolution of Disputes - Personal Lines - and Alternative Dispute Resolution :
Chapter 4, Part 1 "General Principles and Market", in Kluwer's Handbook of Insurance

Will You, Won’t You? :
ReActions, September 1991, with J H Rowe

Engaging Expectations :
ReActions, October 1991, with J H Rowe (Two articles on the use of independent consultants by reinsurers)

Insurance Company Solvency :
Conference Report in Journal of the CII Society of Fellows, July 1993

ADR and Reinsurance Disputes - A More Cost Effective Approach :
Reinsurance Market Report, June 1994

A Case of Syntax :
Global Reinsurance, October 1994 (On reinsurance wordings)

Alternative Dispute Resolution as a New Tool for Risk Managers :
Foresight (Journal of the Institute of Risk management), November 1994

ADR and Reinsurance Disputes :
The Expert (Journal of the Academy of Experts), Spring 1995

An Expert Assessment :
Reinsurance, March 1995 (On the role of the expert in reinsurance disputes)

When Will ADR Really Take Off? :
Global Reinsurance, March 1995

Review of “Modest proposals for bringing reinsurance law up to date” :
Kluwer Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing, Issue No 2, December 1996

Reinsurance: safe in the hands of UK justice? :
Global Reinsurance, December 1996

The future shape of the Lloyd’s Market :
Kluwer Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing, Issue No 4, March 1997

Equitas Reports :
Kluwer Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing, Issue No 7, May 1997 (Reprinted in The London Insurance Insider, Issue VI, June 1997)

How far has Woolf furthered the ADR cause? :
The Expert, June 1997

Delegated underwriting arrangements :
Kluwer Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing, Issue No 20, June 1998

Policies that say what they mean and don't say what they don't mean :
Kluwer Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing, Issue No 22, August 1998

A View from the Side Benches - a personal review of events in the reinsurance world in the past year :
Global Reinsurance, September 1998

Please can we have our money back? (On the effect on reinsurance settlements of the Kleinwort Benson HOL decision) :
Kluwer Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing, Issue No 27, January 1999, with Ken Louw

New Civil Procedure Rules on Experts :
Kluwer Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing, Issue no 33, July 1999

Expert Evidence in the Commercial Court :
Kluwer Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing, Issue No 34, August 1999

Reinsurance Inspection rights: You want to do what! :
with James Ross of Manches, Insurance Day, 10 October 2000

Reinsurance law in Australia and England - compare and contrast :
Kluwer Insurance & Reinsurance Law Briefing November 2001, Issue No, 61

Handling "customer complaints" - who rules? :
Kluwer's Insurance Briefing, Issue No. 105, 25 February 2002

FSA’s regulation of insurers’ outsourcing activities :
Kluwer’s Insurance Briefing, Issue No 119, 23 April 2003

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